Still no new Motorola smartphones, but there is now a new logo

Still no new Motorola smartphones, but there is now a new logoGoogle announced its intended purchase of Motorola nearly two years ago now, but anyone hoping the move would usher in a brave new tomorrow for Moto are still waiting, as we've had a lot of hype and not much else since then.

Today things take a bit of a step forward, though, with the unveiling of a new-look Motorola logo reflecting Google's ownership of the company. Well we did say “a bit of” a step forward.

And to be fair, it is actually more than a small step when you think about it. We've had plenty of talk about what techy treats Motorola is cooking up from the likes of Eric Schmidt, but today's change marks the first obvious signal to the everyday consumer that Google does in fact own Motorola.

As for the logo itself, it's basically a slightly corporatised version of the classic Motorola Mobility “M”, surrounded by a multi-coloured circle (presumably because of the colourful style associated with Google's own logo), and with a lower case “motorola” below in an all-new modernised font, plus the all-important reminder that it is now “a Google company”.

Now how about some phones, eh chaps?

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Stelph  Jun. 27, 2013 at 13:11

OMG the same pastel vandals that got hold of iOS7 have got hold of Motorola!

There there big M, there there


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