Motorola Xoom 2 to debut Ice Cream Sandwich?

Motorola Xoom 2 to debut Ice Cream Sandwich?So Android Ice Cream Sandwich launches late tomorrow night – well, 3am on Wednesday morning to be precise – and it's without doubt a huge moment for the platform, as it marks the tablet and smartphone variants of Android coming back under one roof.

It's also effectively Google's response to iOS 5, which has just surfaced on the new iPhone 4S. So with so much at stake we're a little surprised that the Motorola Xoom may again get the honours of bringing the new version of Android to the world, just as it did with Honeycomb.

Don't get us wrong, we don't have anything against the Xoom, or what we know about the Xoom 2. When Honeycomb was first announced running on the Xoom nigh on a year ago now we ooh-ed and ah-ed just like everyone else.

But it's not like it's the only half-decent Android tablet out there, or Motorola the only high-profile Android tablet manufacturer. However, it is the only high-profile Android manufacturer now owned by Google, which would explain a few things.

Either way, Fudzilla insists it's hearing repeatedly that the Xoom, or rather the Xoom 2, will be the first tablet to get a taste of ICS.

And given the fact that Motorola has a launch event of its own pencilled in for tomorrow, just half a day before the official Ice Cream Sandwich launch, could we be seeing more than just a new RAZR smartphone hidden away up Moto's sleeve?

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