Motorola Xoom becomes a sum of its parts

Motorola Xoom becomes a sum of its partsMotorola may be in a touch of legal hot water for naming its tablet the Xoom, but from our own experience of the Moto slab at Mobile World Congress, we'd like it no matter what it was called.

So we did have a momentary pang of anxiety in seeing the folks over at iFixit taking a pre-release sample to pieces and lay its components bare for the world to see, but it seems the results give the Xoom still further credit.

If you've never come across iFixit before, the tech DIY company has attracted plenty of publicity in tech media circles in recent times for taking apart the latest gadgets and photographing the components – recent victims include the latest MacBook Pro and Microsoft's Kinect.

Now it's gotten its screwdrivers on the Xoom, but its latest teardown victim appears to be made from some hardy stuff.

“The two-piece rear case design is a unique choice by Motorola, and makes accessibility and replacement of the inner components much more feasible,” the site comments.

Overall the Xoom scores a highly respectable eight out of 10 for repairability, with iFixit concluding: “everything is accessible but somewhat inconvenient to repair -- there's just a lot of labour involved with removing that many screws.”

That's fair enough, as far as we're concerned. The bigger point, naturally, is the thrill of seeing an expensive piece of mobile kit getting subjected to some teardown action in glorious step-by-step detail. iFixit, we salute you.

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