Motorola Xoom users begin getting Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola Xoom users begin getting Android Ice Cream SandwichOK, OK, so you've got a Xoom. Stop showing off! What you haven't got yet is Android Ice Cream Sandwich (raspberries!) but you will do soon if Engadget is to be believed.

Citing its own sources, it reckons that the rollout has already started for what it calls "select" owners. This is of both the WiFi and 4G LTE varieties (i.e. Americans by the sounds of things) but will continue tonight and over this coming weekend.

To be fair to Motorola, it has kept users fairly informed on its Android Ice Cream Sandwich plans - explaining when clarifying that while the upgrade from Honeycomb is coming, it's not a case of just flicking a switch and sending it out on the day of release.

So, hopefully, you may wake up to a little treat over the weekend if you're one of those who has a Xoom in his or her tablet armoury. At least Motorola's doing something to keep us all interested - after all, there will be fewer gadgets to go around this year!

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