Motorola X-Phone confirmed in job listing

Motorola X-Phone confirmed in job listingIt’s incredibly rare for high-profile phones to fly under the radar these days, and we’ve been jawing about the Motorola X-Phone for a good few weeks now, despite knowing very little about the device.

We, uhm, still don’t know a great deal about the X-Phone, but for starters the name has been confirmed – thanks to a Motorola job listing on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn post has now been removed, but not before news of the Motorola X-Phone spread across the cyberweb like some sort of inane virus.

Motorola is evidently on the lookout for a new Senior Director of Product Management, and while the vacancy still appears over on Motorola Careers, there’s no mention of the X-Phone there. Bah.

The Motorola X-Phone is thought to be the first proper collaboration between Moto and Google since the $12 billion takeover. Google has been keen to stress that any new phones from Motorola of late have been very much a solo effort on Moto’s part.

The US manufacturer has been struggling to turn a profit for ages, and could really use some Nexus lovin’ – if that is indeed the case with the Motorola X-Phone.

The rumour mill proposes that the Motorola X-Phone will launch at Google I/O in May, with Key Lime Pie (Android 4.something, or maybe 5.0) signed up for operating system duties.

Less realistic is the suggestion that Google is looking to stick it to Samsung with the Motorola X-Phone.

via: The Verge

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