Motorola X-Phone delayed till ‘August or later’

Motorola X-Phone delayed till ‘August or later’With the iPhone 5S expected at WWDC in June (at the earliest - more on this later!) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 touching down at IFA in August (probably), the next big smartphone launch was supposed to be the Motorola X-Phone.

However, the latest Motorola X-Phone rumour suggests the fantastically fancy flagship has been delayed, and ultimately won’t see the light of day till August or beyond. Aww man.

That’s the bad word according to sources of PhoneArena, though there’s no specific reason given for the Motorola X-Phone delay.

The Motorola X-Phone is – or was – widely tipped to be the star of the show at Google I/O next month, alongside the latest version of Android (Key Lime Pie), and presumably would’ve gone on sale within weeks as opposed to months.

But if we’re looking at August for the Motorola X-Phone release date, it wouldn’t make much sense to debut the handset a whole three months before it hits shelves. Unless they give a suitably vague “Q3” and hope people don’t settle for something else in the meantime. Who knows?

In any case, the Motorola X-Phone promises to rock your world with super-ruggedness, awesome battery life, an entirely reasonable 4.7in 1080p display, and Key Lime Pie.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 13, 2013 at 16:26

So,, a phone not officially announced, yet, has been delayed - unofficially?

sanji  May. 7, 2013 at 12:56

It is likely that Motorola offers a complete range and NEXUS is a showcase of what should be an Android device.

History not to alienate partners such as Samsung, LG or ASUS but also offer more than one model

I hope that some Motorola phones offer a little at the margin of what is today, far from a samsung galaxy s4 of course but with slabs of reasonable size along with good processors (a XIAOMI MI-2 (S) a good example to follow in my opinion),


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