Motorola – the year so far

Motorola – the year so farIn somewhat of an impromptu series of features, I’ve recently looked back at HTC and Sony Ericsson’s output for the year so far. The former has all bases covered (big, small, 3D, QWERTY, dual-core, Android, Windows Phone 7), and the latter’s intent is clear i.e. release as many Android handsets as possible.

Now it’s Motorola’s turn, and I’m really struggling to remember what they’ve released this year. I keep expecting an ‘Oh yeah’ moment where it all comes flooding back, but…

Part of the problem is that Motorola often doesn’t bother releasing its phones on this side of the Atlantic. The Droid 3 – or Motorola Milestone 3 as it would’ve been called over here – is one such casualty.

Then there’s the likes of the Motorola Pro, which looks not bad, and should be coming out here soonish, but it’s been available Stateside since last November. Jesus Cripes.

Motorola – the year so farEven in its homeland, Motorola is incredibly tardy. The Droid Bionic has similar specs to the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II, and was originally expected in Spring, but it still hasn’t arrived. And already we’re looking beyond that, to the rumoured quad-core Motorola Tegra, but Allah knows when that’ll arrive.

Anyway, I digress. This has turned into a what-Motorola-hasn’t-released feature. You can read similar ramblings in Hurry Up, Motorola, and be sure to check out Moto’s disappointing Q2 stats.

I’m more concerned with smartphones, so I won’t dwell on the RAZR-esque Motorola Gleam for too long. Or at all, if that’s ok.

What else is there? The QWERTY-toting Motorola Fire is coming later in the year. It looks a lot like the Motorola Pro, though the Motorola site has them listed as two separate devices.

Was the rugged Motorola Defy this year? It was released in November 2010 in the US, so there’s every chance it was released this year in the UK. Damn my ageing memory.

Motorola – the year so farRight, I think it’s time to address the obvious two. First up, there’s the Motorola Atrix. The marketing guys are still claiming that this is the world’s most powerful smartphone, despite the existence of the 1.2GHz dual-core HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II. Now the ASA is involved.

Questionable claims aside, the Motorola Atrix has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4in display, and 5MP camera. Orange was intent on bigging up the fingerprint swipe security, and suggested the Motorola Atrix would suit “aspiring spies”. Oh dear.

It’s absolutely decent, but the Motorola Atrix has been completely overshadowed by HTC and Samsung’s 4.3in flagships.

So that just leaves… the Motorola Xoom. The phrase “iPad Killer” was often used to describe the Motorola Xoom when it was first unveiled, but it didn’t so much kill the iPad as poke it in the ribs a bit.

Indeed, this was supposed to be the year that Android tablets collectively punched the iPad in the privates, but Apple’s tablet still holds almost two thirds of the tablet pie.

And while there were high hopes for the weighty 730g Motorola Xoom, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer appears to be the most successful Android-based tablet to date.

So, Motorola then. What can you say? It’s kind of all over the place, a bit like this feature. Entirely intentional, of course. My writing style reflects their inner turmoil. Or something.

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