Motorola: you’re invited to MWC 2014 to see nothing much

Motorola: you’re invited to MWC 2014 to see nothing muchIf the rumour mill is on the money, this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) might well be worth paying attention to, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped to make its debut in Barcelona – among others.

In terms of manufacturers, anyone who’s anyone will be there (other than Apple, obviously), and Motorola has officially confirmed its attendance. However, don’t go getting your hopes up for a Motorola phablet or whatever.

Details were initially scarce, and indeed Pocket-lint has subsequently confirmed with Motorola that there are “no major announcements planned, just a business update.”

We’re told that a Moto X successor, Motorola phablet and Motorola smartwatch are all in the works, but the chances of any of those showing up at MWC 2014 are roughly 0.0%.

Of course, there is a ton of other stuff going on in the world of Motorola right now, including the recently announced buyout by Chinese manufacturer Lenovo.

Dennis Woodside will inevitably look to answer questions about the future of Motorola, with many a detail crease in need of ironing.

One of the pressing concerns relates to manufacturing. The Moto X boasted that it was put together in the US, but future manufacturing might well go down in China. What would that mean for customisation and delivery times?

Hopefully we’ll find out more at MWC 2014, in just over two weeks’ time.

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