Motorola's mysterious Moto E tipped to launch next month

Motorola's mysterious Moto E tipped to launch next monthMotorola's status as high-value plaything over the past couple of years – first for Google and now Lenovo – has seen the launch of new products scaled back to a slow trickle.

But less has arguably been more, with especially the Moto G earning positive reviews across the board and selling by the truckload.

So what's next? The answer, possibly, could be the Moto E.

If I don't sound entirely certain in saying that, it's because I'm not. You see, a couple of upcoming Motorola model numbers and specs leaked earlier this month from Brazilian site Tecnoblog [translated], and have now been followed by price and release date info for Mexico.

But the specs and price are close enough to the existing Moto G that we're really not sure whether the Moto E is destined to replace it, or sit slightly below it in an expanded Motorola lineup.

Mexican site Xataca [translated] is tipping the Moto E to launch over there in the next couple of weeks, for the equivalent of around £140. That's very much Moto G territory, yet the listed specs clearly mark the Moto E as a more entry-level device.

It's a little smaller for starters, with its 4.3in 720p display a touch teenier than the 4.5in Moto G and the 4.7in Moto X, and it'll be pretty skinny too at 6.2mm thick.

Inside will be a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, with the camera supposedly a 5MP unit. Quotas of 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage aren't much to write home about – fortunately there's a microSD card slot, cos you'll be needing one – while the battery is listed as 1900mAh and as you'd expect Android 4.4.2 KitKat will take care of business on the OS front.

So the Moto E is clearly a step down from the Moto G, but with a similar price tag, which doesn't make much sense to us. Considering both articles on the subject have originated from developing markets in the Americas, maybe the Moto E is being primed for release in specific territories only.

If that's the case then it'll be unlikely to arrive in the UK at all, given how popular the Moto G has been since its arrival on local shores late last year.

We'll clear everything up once we know for certain.

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