Motorola's “most powerful” Atrix claim falls foul of the ASA

Motorola's “most powerful” Atrix claim falls foul of the ASAMotorola may be forced into an embarrassing about-turn in how it markets the Atrix, which it has been advertising as the "world's most powerful smartphone".

Apparently Moto has been taken to task by the Advertising Standards Association after a complaint that its 1GHz dual-core processor surely isn't more powerful than the 1.2GHz number inside the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The Atrix first came to our attention way back in January, and was immediately plastered with the “most powerful” label in a bid to stoke up anticipation.

But the mobile world moves pretty quickly, and what may have been true back then isn't necessarily true any more. The complaint to the ASA makes that very point, using the Galaxy S II – which hadn't yet been announced when the Atrix first surfaced – as an obvious example.

So, looks like Moto's advertising bods will have to work a bit harder in coming up with something new to say about the Atrix.

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