Movies comes to UK Android Market

Movies comes to UK Android MarketOur transatlantic cousins have been able to rent movies via the Android Market since the update started rolling out back in July this year.

For us poor buggers in the UK, however, it was only possible to stream movies using a hack. But now Google has announced that we can rent and stream movies - or films, I should say - all legit like.

Prices start at £2.49 per film, and there’s an initial library of around 1,000 titles to choose from, including relatively new releases such as Fast Five and Green Lantern.

Users have 30 days to watch their chosen movie, and it’ll remain available for 48 hours after hitting play. The content will be available across all the user’s devices, including tablet, smartphone and PC.

If ye fancy browsing via the cyberweb instead of your phone, visit

Amusingly, I don’t seem to have access to the content on my phone. Probably because I’m still patiently awaiting the bloody Android Market update. Mother f…

via: The Telegraph

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