Moviz'Hangman Android review

Moviz'Hangman Android reviewI discovered Moviz'Hangman completely by accident the other night while perusing the Android Market for an entirely different game. I never did find the latter. Ah well.

Moviz'Hangman is one of approximately 3,256,792 hangman games available from the Android Market, and it’s actually far more enjoyable than it has any right to be.

As you’ve probably gathered from the game’s title, it’s essentially a movie-dedicated hangman, which – it turns out – isn’t a bad idea.

In Challenge mode (er, that’d be the only solo mode), you start off with 30 tries, and for every five movies you get right, you’re rewarded with a couple of bonus tries. Super. The aim, obviously, is to guess as many movies as possible, and you can upload your high score if you so desire.

I’m not entirely sure how the 600+ movie database works (there’s an option for users to submit their own, incidentally) but Moviz'Hangman has thrown up some absolute classics. Remember the blacksploitation parody Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood? Great stuff.

Needless to say there are a few movies I’ve never heard of, such as Time Masters (from 1982 and directed by Rene Laloux apparently), but it’s still possible to figure ‘em out with some bad-ass hangman skills.

There’s also a neat 2-player mode, in which one person types in a phrase (doesn’t have to be a movie, obviously) and a second person has to guess it.

The app has had some pretty awesome feedback on the Android Market, with an average rating of 4/5 after 852 reviews. Not too shabby. One user in particular, however, suggests there are a few spelling errors, such as From Tusk Till Dawn. Fantastic. Presumably that’s the forgotten Tarantino classic, which replaces vampires with wooly mammoths.

I should point out that that particular comment was from 2010, so it might well have been corrected since then.

Moviz'Hangman is entirely free, so – as you’d expect – there are ads along the bottom. Meh, you’ll hardly notice. Especially since most of the action is crammed into the top portion of the screen.

Actually, that’s my only misgiving; sometimes you have to squint to make out how many letters are in the movie’s title.

Other than that, it’s all good in the hood.


  • Hangman is good
  • 2-player mode
  • Upload your high scores


  • Ads (whatever)
  • Squinty eyes

Summary: Moviz'Hangman is good clean hangman fun, with a movie slant. Thumbs up.

Developer: Moons

Requires Android: 1.6 and up

Price: free @ Android Market

Moviz'Hangman Android review

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