Mozilla: Firefox OS developer handsets coming next month

Mozilla: Firefox OS developer handsets coming next monthMozilla's Firefox mobile OS isn't going to be running the show on dedicated hardware when it appears, but for now the next best thing has just emerged: not one but two official developer devices for putting the Firefox OS through its paces.

Named the Keon and the Peak, the pair of handsets have been built by Geeksphone and Mozilla says it expects they will be made available next month.

The open web standards-based Firefox OS is still some way from seeing a final release, but Mozilla is really kicking things into high gear with a series of 20-plus worldwide Firefox OS App Days taking place this very week.

But it's news of a pair of hardware devices for testing out those HTML5-based app creations that'll have developers equally excited no doubt.

In a lengthy blog post detailing all the latest Firefox OS news and developments, Mozilla also drops detailed baseline specs for the devices.

The Keon will be an unlocked 3G HSPA handset featuring a 1GHz Snapdragon S1 processor, a 3.5in HVGA screen, 4GB of ROM and 512MB of RAM, a 3MP camera, a microSD card, Wi-Fi, plus light, proximity and G-sensors.

The Peak is a higher-specced offering, boasting the likes of a 1.4GHz S4 CPU, a 4.3in qHD screen, dual cameras and a larger battery.

For full specs, plus details on the App Days and other Firefox OS-related info, check out the Mozilla blog.

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mightyforest  Jan. 23, 2013 at 18:17

Not liking the look of that OS

SpeedyG  Jan. 23, 2013 at 19:55

I don't think it'll succeed in the long run, but some of it's good ideas will be taken up by the big players Android/iOS/WP8/BB10 soon enough.


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