Munster: Google Nexus 7 might’ve sold a million units

Munster: Google Nexus 7 might’ve sold a million unitsGoogle’s financial Q3 results were leaked a tad early the other day, complete with amusing “Pending Larry Quote” header, and ultimately revealed that things aren’t quite as sexy as analysts had hoped.

Jan’s pal Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, has gone through the results with a magnifying glass, and reckons the Google Nexus 7 might’ve sold as many as one million units since launch. Maybe.

Munster has analysed the results, possibly while sitting on the John, and one category causing involuntary eyebrow raising is “other income”. It’s up to $666 million from $385 million year-on-year.

Presumably using a series of incredibly complicated graphs, pie charts and equations, Munster has deduced that the Google Nexus 7 might’ve maybe possibly sold one million units between July and September.

That equates to roughly 10,000 Google Nexus 7 units being sold per day in Q3, which sounds fairly impressive on the surface.

However, last Christmas, the Amazon Kindle Fire was reportedly selling one million units per week, and it’s only available in the US. Just saying.

All in all, Google’s revenue was up, but profits were down. Blame is being apportioned, at least in part, to Motorola.

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And they might've sold any other amount too


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