Murtazin: Nokia to slash all prices by 10%

Murtazin: Nokia to slash all prices by 10%It’s been a while since we relayed the ramblings of everyone’s favourite blogger/reviewer/tweeter type fellow, Eldar Murtazin.

After a fairly quiet spell, Murtazin – who has a rep for making fairly outrageous claims, but also for occasionally hitting the nail on the proverbial head – claims that Nokia is poised to slash its prices across the board.

Murtazin recently tweeted: “Nokia are going to cut prices for the whole product line by 10 per cent in September. They struggle for a market share worldwide”.

Nokia still holds a fairly significant share of the mobile market, but that share has been in steady decline of late. The manufacturer spent ages playing around with MeeGo before ultimately deciding to back Windows Phone 7.

The Finns will continue to support Symbian for the next couple of years (with the help of outsource guys Accenture) as they make the transition to Microsoft’s OS.

Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been performing particularly well since its launch last October, and CEOs Ballmer and Elop will be keeping their fingers crossed that the arrival of the Nokia Sea Ray drives consumers into a WP7-craving frenzy.

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