Murtazin: Nokia's plan B is to ditch Elop and Windows Phone

Murtazin: Nokia's plan B is to ditch Elop and Windows PhoneEveryone's favourite mobile soothsayer Eldar Murtazin has been at it again, lifting the lid on what he claims is Nokia's smartphone roadmap for the next two years.

And while his claims regarding Symbian, Maemo and Microsoft are interesting enough, the real eye-opener is that the Finns are allegedly eyeing up Android and their former CEO as a back-up should things go wrong.

Murtazin claims to have the inside scoop on Nokia's entire 2012-2013 strategy for both phones and tablets, though as usual he's not revealing quite how he came by the information so we have no idea how accurate is claims are.

Either way, though, he certainly covers plenty of ground, and in a fair deal of detail too. For starters, he reveals that while high-end smartphones will be exclusively the province of Windows Phone, Nokia is still planning on releasing between five and seven Symbian^3 handsets to slot in below the WP range next year – which seems believable to us given that Nokia has just announced a new update for the platform, Symbian Anna.

The mid-range will continue to be served by Symbian S60, with the low end covered by S30, S40 Lite and S40 – no surprises there either.

When it comes to tablets, Murtazin reckons Nokia has just a single slate lined up for next year or possibly early 2013, and it'll run the tablet-friendly next-gen Windows 8.

Maemo 6, meanwhile – or Harmattan is it's also known – will be trundled out for a final swansong primarily to keep developers and diehard fans happy, but this single device is only expected to shift some 92,000 units.

In terms of market share, Nokia aims to take 21% of the smartphone market in 2011 and 27% of the mobile phone market in general.

These wide-ranging claims were made in a forum post on Mobile-Review, but Murtazin wasn't done there. Further down the thread he dropped a real bombshell, however, claiming that if Microsoft hasn't bought Nokia's mobile phone division within two years, the back-up plan is to drop Windows Phone and switch to Android, and to replace Stephen Elop with former Nokia head of mobile Anssi Vanjoki, who resigned on Elop's replacement last September.

A dramatic claim without a doubt, and for our money the fact that it comes in a separate post to the rest of his Nokia-related musings is significant, as it implies that the information comes from different sources.

Of course, there'll be many out there who reckon the source for all of this is Murtazin's own imagination, but given the lack of any counter-argument, it seems we'll just have to wait and see.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 4, 2011 at 20:22

Okay, seriously: I have been following Eldar's musings for years - long before the Nokia N8 debacle that shot him to world 'fame'.
And I have now been following his tweets for months. I think he's obssesive compulsive. No kidding. He just publishes what pops into his head. Do that often enough, and you're bound to be right now and again. Or, well, stunningly wrong :p
No, he is knowledgeable, too. No doubt ;)

ffinder  May. 5, 2011 at 00:17

Sounds logical,

I suppose Nokia is already working
on their own version of Android
asking questions like
how can we make our version
better than iOS?

It's just the same strategy Apple used
when IBM wasn't delivering laptop friendly chips.

On the public eye Apple was promoting
power PC architecture,

But Apple was AT THE SAME TIME
was secretly porting the Mac OSX
to the Intel line of chips.

When IBM failed to delivered
Apple revealed the Intel Mac.

When Windows Phone 7 will fail to deliver.

Nokia will reveal their Android Phones.

Makes sense,


JanSt / MOD  May. 5, 2011 at 10:46

makes sense, indeed. Silly to assume they'd put all eggs in the MS basket.


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