MWC 2013: Nokia hints at even cheaper Lumia Windows Phones

MWC 2013: Nokia hints at even cheaper Lumia Windows PhonesThe Nokia Lumia 520 will touch down as the cheapest Windows Phone device yet when it goes on sale in Q2, but a senior Nokia exec has hinted that there could be even cheaper WP8 handsets in the pipelines.

Speaking to CNET at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia's VP of smart devices marketing Hans Henrik Lund said of the Lumia 520's £120 pre-tax price: “we can go lower.”

That £120 price tag is before local taxes and subsidies, and is simply a conversion of the €139 figure that Nokia actually announced rather than a confirmed UK price, but the Lumia 520 will nonetheless almost certainly be the most affordable Windows Phone ever released once it hits the shelves in Q2.

But what chance of something even cheaper emerging later in the year? Judge for yourself: “I believe €139 is not the lowest price point we can get to. We can go lower.”

A throwaway remark it might have been, but it highlights what end of the market most people expect Nokia to be successful, even if Nokia itself is keen to avoid being typecast. Or, as Lund puts it, “we see our future in having a family including devices at all price points”.

One other interesting point from the CNET piece. Commenting on the HTC's choice to go with an aluminium chassis on the One instead of its usual polycarbonate, which Nokia also favours, Lund said: “if it turns out that having an aluminum design is the best option then that's something we will look at. We're still loyal to the material choice and colours. 50% of Nokia's sales are coloured.”

Maybe he was just being candid, but Lund's comments suggest the switch to aluminium chassis' that was claimed in rumours earlier this year may be far from the done deal we took it to be.

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Pondlife  Feb. 26, 2013 at 14:42

Well o2 had the 620 at £120 inc vat last week on an offer so lower does seem possible, especially considering the components...

Pondlife  Feb. 26, 2013 at 14:45

Hardly impossible to do coloured aluminium exterior is it?


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