MWC 2014: HTC and Nokia’s ill-conceived Samsung Galaxy S5 teasing backfires

MWC 2014: HTC and Nokia’s ill-conceived Samsung Galaxy S5 teasing backfiresOh, how I hate when smartphone manufacturers attempt to rip on each other, so this following story brings me nothing but pleasure.

As Samsung was unveiling the Galaxy S5 last night, ailing manufacturers HTC and Nokia attempted to diss the South Koreans’ latest flagship, but in both cases the teasing well and truly backfired. In a Mr. Burns voice: excellent.

To be fair, Samsung was at it last week with its latest ads for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab Pro, but I’m still – on principle – opposed to such nonsense, regardless of who’s on the receiving end.

First off, we had HTC tweeting a picture with the message: “Buyer’s remorse: Coming soon to S5 owners. March 25.”

The only problem with that being that the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is set for April 11, more than two weeks after the HTC One Two announcement. Genius.

Over on @nokia_uk, we’re told: “Stand out from the crowd! #MWC14 #UNPACKED”, while the accompanying image reads: “Not the Samesung ;)”.

All that does is remind us that Nokia Lumia users are very much in the minority, and the more learned smartphone consumer will further realise that that spells problems when it comes to app support; iOS and Android are very much the priority.

Moral of the story: sometimes it’s best to say nothing. The very fact that you feel compelled to mock only shows that you’re in a lesser position. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will inevitably be one of the biggest selling smartphones of the year, and ill-conceived attempts at mockery will do nothing to change that. Heck, it might even have the opposite effect.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 25, 2014 at 12:12

... and yet....
....and yet, you just typed an article about Nokia and HTC when you could have written about the first Ubuntu phone, or the self-awareness of ants.


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