MWC preview: HTC

MWC preview: HTC“Quietly brilliant” Taiwan-based manufacturer HTC has had a heck of a time recently with its plumbing. A series of leaks has all but given its hand away, but we’re still dead excited about seeing them at 2011’s Mobile World Congress next week.

So what can we expect from HTC in Barcelona? Recent snapshots published on FoneArena appear to confirm that the HTC Desire 2, Pyramid and Wildfire S are all in the proverbial pipeline. There’s also a tablet in the form of the HTC Flyer.

Of course, the pictures in question are simple inventory shots, but FoneArena assures us they come courtesy of a “trusted source”.

The sequel to HTC’s flagship Desire has made a couple of cheeky appearances across the globe in the past few days. Engadget published pictures of the Desire 2 apparently taken in Taiwan, and later in Germany.

Not much is known about the specs for the HTC Desire 2 other than a Super AMOLED screen. From the pictures, it looks a little smaller than the original Desire, and seems to have a front-facing camera. With the recent confusion about Gingerbread 2.4, it’s not certain which version of Android it’ll run, but at this stage we’d be surprised if the HTC Desire 2 didn’t make an appearance in Barca.

The HTC Pyramid was leaked to Android and Me last week, by yet another anonymous shadowy figure. If the mysterious man (or woman) is to be believed, the HTC Pyramid will have the honour of being HTC’s first dual-core phone, with a Qualcomm MSM8260 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor.

Rumour has it the HTC Pyramid might be heading for a May launch, just in time to get a head-start on the iPhone 5. If that’s the case, we’ll almost certainly see the Pyramid at MWC.

The HTC Wildfire S will presumably be a direct successor to HTC’s entry-level handset, the Wildfire. From the aforementioned pictures on FoneArena, it seems it’ll be available in “Dark Grey” and “Weiss”. That’s all we know so far, but spec-wise we expect it’ll be low-end Androidness, like the original Wildfire.

Norweigan tech dudes, Amobil, reckon they’ve got a man on the inside, supplying muchos juicy info on HTC’s Flyer tablet. According to the Scandinavians, it’ll have front and rear cameras, a 7in screen with stylus, and 3G capability for data and Skype. Flash storage is a mere 4GB, which seems a tad low, but it’s all rumour at the moment.

We’ll be there in person next week, hounding HTC for all the latest goss.

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