Mystery HP tablet shows up in new advert: the Slate 8?

Mystery HP tablet shows up in new advert: the Slate 8?So a fleeting glimpse of an unnamed and unheralded mystery tablet in a wide-reaching advert for a global tech firm isn't exactly cause to stop the digital presses, is it?

Maybe it is if the firm in question is HP – the same HP that holds the keys to the still-loved webOS and which caused a huge stir with its unforgettable TouchPad firesale last year.

Sadly, though, this has nothing to do with webOS but if anything at all is our first in-the-wild glimpse of the Windows 8-powered Slate 8 HP is said to be working on. We say “if anything at all” because there's every chance this is just a placeholder knocked together quickly by the development team and given to the marketing team to work with while the final design of HP's real tablet contender comes together.

If that's the case, I'd imagine whoever was responsible won't be blown away to see that the mystery slate manages to appear in just a handful of frames in the final minute-long ad – and indeed you don't even see all of it. By what we can see, however, we can confidently confirm that whatever the final details are, it is indeed a tablet.

For the rest, we'll leave it to HP but will take the opportunity to ask if there's any chance of seeing a webOS version too? Please?

Via Engadget

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