Mystery LG phone spotted: dual-touchscreen Android goodness

Mystery LG phone spotted: dual-touchscreen Android goodnessA new twin-touchscreen Android phone from LG has been spotted on local shores that doesn't fit anywhere on our existing picture of our Korean friends' immedate plans.

As the picture reveals, it's clearly a T-Mobile device, but the circumstances surrounding its appearance suggest that may in fact be a reference to T-Mobile in the US, and might not be headed here at all. Confused? So are we, to be honest.

The handset in question was spotted – and liberally photographed – by Pocket-lint at a small event in London to launch Kineto's Smart WiFi technology for Orange users.

Kineto apparently has a similar relationship with T-Mobile USA, which is clearly where our mystery handset comes in. Yet while it was just one of many handsets on display as part of the Kineto demonstration, little or nothing is actually known about it – despite some fairly serious attention-grabbing attributes.

In physical terms it's a standard side-slider, but the part that slides out isn't a full QWERTY keyboard – or at least not JUST a full QWERTY keyboard. Splitting the keyboard into two halves is a small touchscreen containing a 2x4 grid of app icons. Give one of the icons a prod and the app in question fires up on the main screen.

So what is this mystery LG phone, then? Whispers are doing the rounds that it'll go by the name of LG Optimus Slider or LG Maxx Q, and consensus is that it's being lined up mainly for the US. But it would be cruel luck, we reckon, if it didn't make its way to the UK too having treated us to a tantalising look.

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Infinite Element  Jun. 20, 2011 at 13:51

I'm just trying to work out why anyone would want one.

Sure, in theory it could be used like a laptop trackpad, but when you've got a touchscreen, what's the point?

Surely it's quicker to scroll through apps on the main screen than slide the phone out and operate from another touchscreen? And surely people wouldn't want a smaller QWERTY? They're already small enough on most mobiles.


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