Mystery LG tablet shows its face: the Optimus Pad 2?

Mystery LG tablet shows its face: the Optimus Pad 2?LG certainly got our attention back in February when it announced the 3D-capable Optimus Pad tablet, which not only allowed you to view 3D content, but to record it too thanks to its twin cameras.

But the whole 3D thing seems to have fizzled out a bit – well, on mobile devices anyway – so we'll be interested to see if LG sticks to its guns with the Optimus Pad's successor.

Either way, it looks like this blurry-cam snap is our first glimpse of LG's next-gen slate. Granted, it's not the most revealing of images, and there's not a word on specifications, but it does at least confirm that LG plans on staying in the tablet game despite the original Optimus Pad never really taking off.

And even with no specs to go on, it's a safe bet we're looking at some Tegra 3 quad-core action with a helping of Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the side. Well, we hope so anyway – anything less and it'll just get steamrollered by all the other quad-core Android tablets we're expecting to touch down over the next few months.

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