The NEC Medias N-05D: another ridiculously skinny smartphone

The NEC Medias N-05D: another ridiculously skinny smartphone

It's time for another instalment of the World's Thinnest Smartphone roadshow, this time starring the Medias N-05D, a wafer-thin contender from NEC that's just launched over in Japan.

It comes packing a decent spec too, but the real headline-grabber is its remarkable 6.7mm profile, which doesn't quite beat the record but comes close to equalling it.

We're not quite sure when the title of world's thinnest phone became such a big deal – surely things have taken a wrong turn somewhere when being fractions of a millimetre thinner than a rival device is reason for shouting from the rooftops?

Maybe it's that device makers have cottoned on that making the world's thinnest phone is just as likely to get you noticed as making the world's best, but is a hell of a lot easier to do.

Anyway, back to the Android Gingerbread-based Medias N-05D, which as we've mentioned isn't quite the world's thinnest – that honour currently goes to the Huawei Ascend P1 S launched at CES last month – but certainly comes mighty close.

And like the Huawei, the expansive 4.3in screen should show off that skinniness to maximum effect, but rather than the 960 x 540 resolution offered by its rival, NEC has gone for a super high-res 720p panel, and backs it up with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8.1-megapixel camera and a slightly measly 4GB of storage.

Given those power-hungry specs, our only real concern is that the 1,400mAh battery is a tad on the small side, but we suppose achieving such a slender chassis does involve some compromises.

Ourselves, we'd happily add a millimetre or two to its profile in exchange for a longer-life battery, but then again who needs a phone that works when you can wow your mates all day long with just how skinny it is?

This one's Japan-only for now, and we'd imagine it's going to stay that way indefinitely.

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