network idea

I remember reading about a network in the USA called Republic Wireless that had Unlimited calls, texts & Data for $19 a month on a one month contract.

The catch was that it had to be done over wi-fi and that you had to buy a phone from them first ($199). But you could actually roam over onto a cellular network when you weren't connected to wi-fi and use around 500 mins/500 texts/300mb without republic capping you or anything. They recently said that the more you use on wi-fi the more you can use on cellular network with being capped/cut off.

Now i don't know that much about networks. But what are the chances that a network in the UK would start offering a service like this as well. For example, unl everything on wi-fi for £15 but a fair usage of 300 mins, texts & 500mb for £15pm. Of course this wouldn't be good deal for everyone but it would be a selling point to some.

What would a network do to make this reality. I know orange already have their signal boost app that uses wi-fi to make calls, but that comes out of your actual minutes. Would that be the best networks in the UK could do, or would they actually be able to do something that republic wireless does.

The only reason i ask is because of all the BT Openzone hotspots there are now. As i call a lot it would be good to have the option of unl minutes through wi-fi. But tbh i'd probably never go for something like this. Got to good a deal with my current network.

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