Next-gen BlackBerry phones to get Android app support too?

Next-gen BlackBerry phones to get Android app support too?RIM created quite a stir when it revealed its PlayBook tablet would be able to run Android apps through a special player.

Now it looks like it's planning on introducing the same functionality on future generations of BlackBerry smartphones too.

The key to it all is the QNX operating system, the platform used by the PlayBook and which is due to start appearing in BlackBerry phones too from early next year.

Bloomberg is quoting unnamed sources “familiar with the plan” as saying Android app support will be an integral part of QNX, though RIM itself has thus far refused to comment on the matter.

It certainly wouldn't go amiss for RIM to provide Android app support for its phones. The company made a pretty big deal about the handful of new handsets announced earlier this month, but in reality most were already common knowledge and were touching down a full year after the last BlackBerry phone release.

RIM will be hoping the jump from BlackBerry OS to QNX will be just what its smartphone division a good kick in the backside, although it does beg the question: if the PlayBook runs Android apps and future QNX-based smartphones do too, what possible reason would there be for developing apps for BlackBerry OS any more?

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Stelph  Aug. 26, 2011 at 11:07

RIM really should get their asses in gear and actually release/implement the abiity to support Android Apps rather than continuing to bang on about it and what their plans are. Every time they mention it they remind us how far behind they are with brining the Playbook up to speed with all the promises made before launch! (which is a shame because its a really tidy tablet with a temptingly simple yet powerful OS)


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