Is this the Nexus 3?

Is this the Nexus 3?A promo shot of a mysterious LG device has surfaced on an Indonesian forum, reportedly leaked by an LG employee who speculates that we could be looking at the Nexus 3.

The first Nexus phone, the Google Nexus One, was developed by HTC, and Samsung was behind the Nexus S. The as-yet-unannounced Nexus 3 is rumoured to be either an LG or HTC effort.

Techhog recently posted a picture of what they suspected could be the Nexus 3, though they suggested the test model in the photograph was developed by HTC.

This new LG handset, with its curved body, looks a bit like an LG Optimus One, sans buttons.

Who’s behind the Nexus 3? LG? HTC? Time will tell. It’s almost certain that the next Nexus will launch alongside Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Q4-ish), much like the Nexus S and Gingerbread.

via: GSMArena

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