More Nexus 7 2 pics leak, new Google tablet spotted on CPW

More Nexus 7 2 pics leak, new Google tablet spotted on CPWWe're expecting the new Google Nexus 7 2 tablet will turn up at Google's press event on Wednesday, but even if it doesn't, it appears we now know just what it'll look like.

The pic you're looking at has been fed to the web-wide world by the trusty @evleaks, and is said to be an official press render of Google's second-generation Nexus 7-incher.

Whenever the Nexus 7 2 does actually get announced, it'll be more a case of boxes ticked than any real headline-grabbing surprise. It's already been leaked extensively, and highlights are said to include a 1,980 x 1,200-pixel screen (probably a full HD panel with dedicated button surrounds), a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM and Android 4.3, which is also set to be announced at Wednesday's event.

Visually, though, there's not much about the Asus-made tablet that sets it apart from the current Nexus 7, and in particular it's still got a fairly chunky bezel around that 7in screen.

The biggest visual difference between Nexus 7s old and new is the camera module that gives away the new model's 5MP rear-facing camera. The current Nexus 7 only has a front-facing cam.

A spy shot supplied anonymously to Pocket-lint, meanwhile, has confirmed that Google's next Nexus tablet will be stocked by Carphone Warehouse in both 16GB and 32GB guises.

Both are Wi-Fi-only, so it remains to be seen whether a cellular-enabled version will only be available at some point in the future, or simply won't be an option at CPW (initially, anyway).

At least it gives us some kind of UK-centred reference of the Nexus 7 2's existence, as so far most of the talk (and indeed everything we've heard surrounding this week's launch) has been very much US-flavoured.

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Greywolf55  Jul. 22, 2013 at 14:22

Some artciles are claiming the new nexus 7 to have 4 gigs of ram..


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