Samsung Nexus S owners getting Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung Nexus S owners getting Android Ice Cream SandwichIf you're a proud owner of a Samsung Nexus S but suffering a little OS-envy from those show off Galaxy Nexus owners, then your time has come.

Google has begun pushing out over-the-air updates giving those who bought its former flagship handset a taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Previously, the update was restricted to Google employees only - but now, we're told that version 4.0.3 (which is even newer than that on the Galaxy Nexus) should be with Nexus S owners within the next month.

You can wait for the update to be pushed through automatically or frantically check for updates the old fashioned way (which won't speed it up but will maybe make you feel better). Either way, if you really can't wait, there's also the ICS ROM if you know how to do it all on your lonesome.

Merry Christmas!

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