Google Nexus Prime: now we get a picture too

Google Nexus Prime: now we get a picture tooMore news on the Samsung-made Google Nexus Prime we saw specs for yesterday - and this time it's not words we've been regaled with, but rather images.

The larger-than-life handset, which is set to launch alongside Android Ice Cream Sandwich, has shown its head and been snapped out in the wild.

The pic's a bit blurry and we only have the word of UK online realer Handtec to go one, but what the hell - it's a nice enough story and, the pic could be a glimpse of the Nexus Prime.

If the rumours are the Nexus Prime will be the latest in a line of Google-branded prestige product that have been launched alongside a new major version of Android.

First there was the Nexus One, made by HTC, then last year Samsung got a turn with the Nexus S, and looks to have retained its privileged status for the Android ICS bragging rights.

We covered the (admittedly unconfirmed) specs the Nexus Prime is being tipped to have under the hood, which includes a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a full 1GB of RAM. The screen, meanwhile, is reckoned to be a ridiculous 4.6-inches across.

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