Nexus Prime: Caught on official video?

Nexus Prime: Caught on official video?iPhone 4S announcement? That's so over and done with. Our attention turns now to the big one in the world of Android.

We're talking about the unveiling of both the Google Nexus Prime and its OS, Ice Cream Sandwich - both expected to be unveiled in San Diego on October 11. And with just five sleeps to go (not that we're counting!) the Prime has apparently been glimpsed in what's being touted as an official video.

It's a rather slick advert which grabs our attention immensely. Not because we're interested in why cookies and milk go so well together, but because we appear to get a glimpse of the Prime at the very end.

Cunning old Samsung haven't made it easy though. It's entirely in silhouette but we can make out that it is a curved handset. It's bent more than the Nexus S so we deduce that that means this must be the Prime.

Anyway, why would they show an old handset on their video when they know they'd get publicity from people like us if they showed the newer holy grail device instead?

If you look very carefully, you'll spot the golden contact ports which we assume are for charging docks and a slight camera bulge. Not much else to go on though, dammit.

But to keep us going, GSM Arena has also posted a photo it claims is a screenshot of the upcoming Prime. Or at least part of it. It seems to give away a fair amount away though, confirming the HD resolution of the Super AMOLED (720p on a 4.6" screen equals a PPI count of 320). The system info tells us the screen size is 1184 x 720 pixels but that's just the active area. The actual screen will be 1280 x 720.

There don't appear to be any hardware keys but considering ICS fuses together the best bits of Gingerbread and Honeycomb (which doesn't use any buttons), we're not massively surprised or put out.

We just hope this really is a sign of things to come. We don't know what we'll do if next week's announcement leaves us with just an updated Google Nexus S S (see what we did there!)

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