Samsung Nexus Prime: Hands on with the next Google kid?

Samsung Nexus Prime: Hands on with the next Google kid?If the thought of an Ice Cream Sandwich leaves you salivating, wait 'til you see this!

An anonymous user claims to have had a bit of 'me time' with the Nexus Prime - Google's yet-to-be-announced-but-fairly-widely-known-about forthcoming flagship handset which is to be made by Samsung.

Indeed, the user claims Samsung gave him/her the chance to have a play, and has posted findings over on 4chan.

There's loads to mention and we have to stress that it is completely picture-free so its authenticity cannot be verified. Plus of course there's the reputation of 4chan to take into account, which is almost entirely due to the complete anonymity it guarantees anyone posting on there.

BUT, the Nexus Prime musings seem to tally up with all of the various rumours we've been collating over recent weeks. And if you want a picture of what it apparently looks like, you can check out our recent post on the subject last week.

Firstly, hardware:

The Nexus Prime is apparently a bit of a beast, weighing in at up to 140g and made of metal. Looks wise, it appears to be a cross between the US-network Sprint's version of the Galaxy S II and the previous Google device, the Nexus S with its curved screen.

In fact, they're actually referring to it as the Galaxy Nexus though we'd be surprised if that actually was the name the eventual unit gets since it links it to Samsung more than Google would probably like it to.

The thing that excites us most - the battery. This baby has 2000mAh to rely on! Considering the Galaxy S2 comes with a 1650mAh battery which manages well, we can only imagine what a difference it's going to make to the user experience.

Let's face it, Android devices haven't been renowned for fantastic battery life up to now.

The user claims the Nexus has a whopping 4.65-inch display which is Super AMOLED. From our experiences with the S II, we'll quite happily take that as it's one of the brightest and most vivid screens available on a smartphone right now.

Resolution is said to be 1280 x 720 and the dual-core handset (which runs Samsung's Exynos processor) will run at 1.5GHz with 1GB of ram and a basic out-of-the-box internal memory of 16GB. He or she decribes using it as "blazing fast" and "very smooth".

Unfortunately, there's no mention of the camera on board but based on what we've seen on the Galaxy S II, an 8-megapixel camera looks likely with the obligatory HD video recording.

Secondly, there's the software:

Aside from a few leaked screenshots and a bit of info that tells us ICS will be a hybrid phone/tablet OS, little is known about Google's latest mouthwatering project.

The user's evaluation claims it looks a bit like Gingerbread but is more polished and has a similar glassy look to Honeycomb. The actual build running on the handset was 2.4.1 but that is unlikely to be the version that will make it to shelves.

Within the app drawer, we're told there are categories that you an customise and you can preview widgets directly from there. It's no secret that Android ICS will come with a revamped Gmail app (about time, we say) and the user reckons the new one gives you a split screen preview pane like you get in Honeycomb.

There are also updates for the Calendar (and associated widgets) and the browser which now sees its tabs displayed across the bottom, a speedier experience and a new icon to put the cherry on top of this rather tasty and sweet sounding concoction.

As for us UK users, there's no details on network or, indeed, when it'll be released. It's unlikely Google will go for the direct sale approach as it did with the Nexus One but scrapped in time for the Nexus S launch just under a year ago.

If you're in the US, it's said to be a Verizon exclusive though, once again, we warn that none of this is yet completely set in stone.

We just can't wait for the day it's unveiled and we can get our hands on one to play with. In the meantime, you can check out the original post over on 4chan.

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