Google Nexus S updates: Android ICS may be a while now

Google Nexus S updates: Android ICS may be a while nowHas your Google Nexus S pinged with a notification yet to tell you that Android Ice Cream Sandwich is ready for downloading? No? Oh dear - in that case, we have some bad news: It may not arrive for a while.

We told you the other day that the OTA notifications were coming through and they have for some lucky folks. But it looks now like Google has taken a decision to halt updates in their tracks so they can monitor feedback from those lucky few who got one.

As always, these things don't go without a hitch and even though the Nexus S is a 'Pure Google' phone, there have been some reports, according to Phone Arena, of phones getting stuck in loops and guzzling battery juice like mulled wine.

It's not to say ICS won't come to the Samsung-made device because Google has committed to rolling the update out to the Nexus S - but it may not happen 'til after Xmas. So you may want to sit back and watch a few festive movies to while away the hours - or install a custom ROM from somewhere like XDA Developers instead.

Hopefully this won't mean delays for those of us with other Samsung devices who are already looking forward to next year's upgrade.

By the way, if you got the OTA announcement and it was unsolicited, did you upgrade easily enough? Let us know below.

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GazR  Dec. 22, 2011 at 12:17

Got an OTA update for ICS the other day. Runs perfectly well on my Nexus S device, and installed fairly quickly. I wouldn't say it's totally bug free (If you accidentally leave headphones plugged into the device, any alarm goes through the headphones not the loudspeaker, for example). I haven't had any speed issues thus far, and all seems to be rather good on the ICS front.


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