NFC-enabled Samsung to be London 2012 Olympics mascot

NFC-enabled Samsung to be London 2012 Olympics mascotWell, we know that NFC is one of the mobile buzzwords of the moment - and it would appear that not even the Olympics are safe from the buzz.

Both this year's Olympics and Paralympic Games in London will have an NFC flavour to them thanks to the official London 2012 mobile payments app, a joint initiative between Samsung and Visa.

The app will use Visa's payWave technology to allow tech-savvy sports fans to pay for their Olympics souvenirs with no more than a tap of their phone against a point of purchase terminal - though if the payment is for over £15, and when it comes to the Olympics our guess is that you won't find much going for less than that, you'll also have to enter a PIN for the purchase to go through.

Needless to say there is a catch, and it's this: while the app will eventually be rolled out to a wide range of devices, during the 2012 Games themselves you'll only be able to feel the contactless love on Samsung's yet-to-be-confirmed Official Olympics Phone (it simply has to be the Galaxy S III, surely?)

“Samsung is extremely thrilled to work with Visa to launch mobile payment services for the London 2012 Olympic Games," says Samsung exec DJ Lee. "We believe that this showcase will motivate people to experience and adopt easy and safe payment through mobile devices."

Sounds good - though surely making the app available on only one mobile phone isn't really the most effective way to get the message out.

Via NFC World

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