NFC shipments could top 100 million units in 2012 if Apple gets on board

NFC shipments could top 100 million units in 2012 if Apple gets on boardLast year, a report from IMS Research suggested that shipments of NFC-enabled smartphones would top 80 million units in 2012, as the technology finally finds its footing.

An unnamed source tells Digitimes that that figure could rise to over 100 million units if Apple includes NFC support on the iPhone 5.

NFC was one of the big will-they-won’t-they questions hanging over the iPhone 4S, but by the time Apple unveiled its latest smartphone we were pretty certain it wouldn’t feature. An Apple bloke reportedly told UK networks not to expect NFC on the iPhone 4S due to “lack of a clear standard across the industry.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple jumped on board the NFC train with the iPhone 5, however, subsequently making the technology the most popular thing ever overnight and causing Joe Average to wonder how he ever got by without it.

“After seven or so years of false dawns and frequent disappointment, 2011 has proved to be something of a breakthrough year,” mused IMS Research analyst Don Tait in December.

Last year, we met Google Wallet, the French government funded NFC in several cities, and in the UK Orange and Barclaycard launched Quick Tap – allowing you to pay for McDonald’s and stuff with your mobile. Good times.

I’m still not convinced about this NFC malarkey. We’ll see.

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