NFC-ify your phone with a Barclays PayTag

NFC-ify your phone with a Barclays PayTagThere aren’t a great deal of phones with NFC compatibility at the moment, but you just know it’ll become the Biggest Thing Ever just as soon as Apple decides. “How did we live without it?!”

In the meantime, Barclays Barclaycard customers can add contactless payment functionality to their phones with a Barclays PayTag. Barclays WhatTag?

The Barclays PayTag is essentially a sticker that you slap on the back of your smartphone, allowing you to pay for all sorts of junk without getting your wallet out.

Visa reckons contactless payment terminals in the UK are set to rise 50% to 150,000 this year. Waitrose, McDonald’s, Boots, WH Smith and Tesco are all in on the act, soon to be followed by London buses and the Tube.

David Chan, CEO of Barclaycard Consumer Europe, screamed: "Today, we are offering the choice of mobile payments to millions of our customers at no additional cost to them.

“More than half of us say that the item we're most lost without is our mobile phone, so we're giving people the option of using them to make easy, convenient, everyday payments without the need to upgrade their current handset."

An “exclusive group of customers” will be invited to grab a Barclays PayTag in the coming weeks, with national rollout following “later in the year”. It’ll be absolutely free to Barclaycard customers. Nice.

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Pondlife  Apr. 19, 2012 at 19:07

I don't want it, nor do I want their pingit app nor anything else that makes it easier for anyone else to use my money

UniBul  Apr. 22, 2012 at 18:28

PayTag falls short of what a mobile payments service should deliver in 2012, for two reasons. Firstly, it is merely an incomplete copy of just one of its user's bank cards and secondly, it places a very low limit on the transaction amount, which requires that consumers have a back-up payment plan. In other words, PayTag users would still have to carry their physical wallets around. So what's the point? For more:


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