NFL Flick Quarterback iOS review

NFL Flick Quarterback iOS reviewI watched something silly like 16 hours of American Football last weekend. Good times. Anyone see RG3’s fall? Gruesome stuff.

Anyway! I reviewed NFL Kicker 13 last week, and now I’m making good on my promise to check out NFL Flick Quarterback. Is it a touchdown with two extra points for developer Full Fat, or a humiliating safety?

Unsurprisingly, NFL Flick Quarterback is incredibly similar to NFL Kicker 13, with the obvious exception that we’re controlling a quarterback instead of a kicker.

Of course, with the quarterback position comes significantly more responsibility, and as such there’s a little more to NFL Flick Quarterback - in terms of gameplay, at least.

While wind was really the only concern in NFL Kicker 13, here we have wind, approaching defenders with the intention of sacking you, and yet more defenders out to intercept the ball.

The receivers run little patterns ad nauseam, and you can unleash a pass with a quick swipe – preferably when their indicator turns from red to green (thus avoiding incomplete passes and interceptions).

And those are the basic mechanics of NFL Flick Quarterback. Not a great deal to it, to be honest, but thankfully there are four game modes (five including the tutorial). As in NFL Kicker 13, they’re unlocked by leveling up.

NFL Flick Quarterback iOS review

For starters, we have Playmaker, which is basic American Football stuff, with the aforementioned defenders and that, while Quick Fire has you battling against the clock.

There’s also Trick Shot, where the aim is to throw the ball into a bucket, and Trick Shot XL, which introduces, uhm, multiple buckets.

Gripes? Well, there’s not a whole lot on offer. It’s a bit of a stretch to boast five game modes when there are arguably just three. Or two, if I’m being really harsh (playing against defenders and throwing into buckets).

Also, NFL Flick Quarterback lacks the shop element found in NFL Kicker 13. Once you’ve unlocked the various game modes, there’s little reason to come back for more.

Having said that, what little NFL Flick Quarterback offers is fun, just don’t be surprised if you’ve blasted through it in under an hour. For serious.

Oh, and also worth noting that while the iOS version is a fairly reasonable 69p, Google Play demands £1.49. Eek.


  • All 32 NFL teams
  • Five(ish) game modes
  • Looks great


  • Not a whole lot going on
  • Where’s the shop?
  • £1.49 for Android

Summary: Like NFL Kicker 13, NFL Flick Quarterback is a brief but enjoyable little game. The framework is at least there for something seriously deep.

Developer: Full Fat

Price: 69p @ App Store, £1.49 @ Google Play

iOS requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Android requirements: Android 2.1 (Froyo) or above.

NFL Flick Quarterback iOS review

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