Ninja Chicken Android review

Ninja Chicken Android reviewBefore I get started on my review of Ninja Chicken, let me clarify that it’s really not that bad. It just rubbed me up the wrong way.

For example, Ninja Chicken’s full title is: ‘The Funky Chicken Who Thought He Was a Ninja’. Sigh. That set alarm bells ringing before I’d even opened the app.

The back-story here is that an unspecified “unfortunate accident” has left our chicken protagonist with dementia, and resultantly he now thinks he’s a ninja.

We can either stand by and watch him fail, or guide him to ninja glory. Unfortunately, due to review-related obligations, I had no such choice.

In Ninja Chicken, the little guy automatically runs from left to right, and you have two virtual buttons with which to control him, namely jump and duck. The duck button can also be used to land quickly.

There’s a target in each stage, such as collecting a particular number of silver coins, laying a certain number of eggs or running a minimum distance. Sometimes there are multiple goals. Woohoo.

Of course, there are hazards here and there in Ninja Chicken, such as holes, cactuses, bales of hay, rakes, cannons… regular smartphone gamers will know exactly what to expect, having inevitably encountered a horde of similar games.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is turn off the sound. Every time our Ninja Chicken ducks he shouts “whee!”, and it's easily the most annoying thing I have ever heard in a smartphone game.

Similarly, Ninja Chicken's main tune will start to grate after just a handful of levels. I was playing in complete silence by the time I got to level 10.

There are 30-odd levels in total in Ninja Chicken, and every fifth level must be unlocked using the in-game currency. However, that necessitates downloading something called PlayScape, which really doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

As Ninja Chicken is free, there are adverts along the top. I’ve been treated to several hours of Ladbrokes banners this afternoon, but they’re not overly intrusive to be fair.

And that’s all I want to say about Ninja Chicken.


  • It’s free
  • 30+ levels
  • Uhm...


  • Ads
  • PlayScape in-game currency thing
  • The sound

Summary: Ninja Chicken is yet another side-scrolling jump-fest with little to distinguish it from countless alternatives. Not terrible, but not particularly good either.

Developer: MoMinis

Requires: “Varies with device”

Price: free @ Google Play

Ninja Chicken Android review

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