Nintendo says NintendNO to mobile games

Nintendo says NintendNO to mobile gamesHere's one of those stories where we just can't help bashing the keyboard in frustration. Nintendo WON'T be bringing its popular games to the likes of the iPhone or Android.

If you want to play Mario, Zelda etc. then you'll have to go fork out for a 3DS or similar. And if you think there's any room for negotiation, think again. When asked by the Japanese News organisation, Nikkei, the response from the company's president, Satoru Iwata was a quite flat: "That is absolutely not under consideration."

This is one of those situations we, quite frankly, find baffling. Obviously Nintendo wants to keep its star players for its own devices. We can understand that.

But the fact is that the 3DS just hasn't lived up to expectations - underlined by Nintendo slicing half off the launch price to just £115. And with games averaging the £30 mark, they're not cheap.

Maybe Nintendo would see it as a sellout if it were to flog Mario to mobile device users for, say, £6.99 apiece. But it seems a no-brainer that it would shift infinitely more copies by opening up and, therefore, surely give a healthy injection to the Japanese giant's balance sheets.

It could even flog a "lite" version of games and make a fortune by catering to both markets.

For its part, Nintendo is apparently creating a new version of the 3DS with less of an emphasis on the 3D and also creating a new analogue control peripheral that can be used with existing models.

And we have to give it to Nintendo - it has been at the forefront before when it comes to innovation. Just look at the Gameboy and the Wii. But times change and tastes move on.

And closing their eyes to the way the mobile industry is increasingly dominating the world of technology can only be foolish and surely is slightly churlish too.

Whilst we're not suggesting they should go the way of Sega, but without embracing the future Nintendo will surely do itself more harm than good.

The fact of the matter is that more people carry mobiles than handheld gaming devices these days. They're more likely to take a punt on a game that costs a few pounds than going out and spending £30 on a single experience.

And as we reported yesterday, with the number of smartphones set to rocket even more thanks to the continued rise of emerging markets, there's so much potential ahead for Nintendo to harness.

Like a Nintendo-branded mobile. If that were to arrive, we'd probably die and go to heaven.

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DarthBlingBling  Sep. 15, 2011 at 20:25

Why is this a surprise? Apart from some crappy education titles on the PC (and of course the CDi) when has any Nintendo IP appeared on any other platform?


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