Is Nintendo prepping an Android tablet?

Is Nintendo prepping an Android tablet?Has anyone not released an Android tablet at this stage in the game? Tesco has an Android tablet, Argos has an Android tablet, and heck – even Jan recently released his first Android tablet: the Jan ST500 Ultra Note Pro.

Ok, maybe that last one was a lie, but here’s a name we definitely didn’t expect to see on an Android tablet: Nintendo.

That’s the story according to Nando Monterazo, Software Engineer at Nintendo of America. He fired out a number of tweets teasing a Nintendo-built Android tablet, which have since been removed, but not before the “blogosphere” (sorry) took note.

One such tweet read: "Experimenting with a tablet of Nintendo, the system is based on android, fully modified and unified as a database of the tablet.”

Sadly, we shouldn’t expect to see classic Nintendo games from the SNES, NES and/or Game Boy on there, as the tablet – if it comes to fruition – will supposedly be an educational device for wee ones. Lucky sonsof…

To date, Nintendo has refused to move into the mobile arena, rolling its eyes at the quick-fix nature of the games, but various reports have shown how revenue on the App Store and Google Play is in fact higher than that of gaming-optimised handhelds (i.e. the Nintendo 3DS and Sony Vita).

Perhaps it'd be silly to turn a blind eye entirely, and a Nintendo Android tablet could be a first step towards seeing Nintendo's magic in mobile.

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