Nokia 2720 Fold £14.90 +£10 top-up @ e2save

Nokia 2720 Fold £14.90 +£10 top-up @ e2save

[Get yourself a flipping Nokia 2720 Fold @ e2save]

Not so long ago, most people would’ve stepped over their own mothers to own a flip phone. They truly were the cutting edge of technology, and as such – massively expensive. Oh, how we admired the posers, nonchalantly answering calls with a simple flick. But those days are gone; now you too can own a flip phone, like this stylish Nokia 2720 Fold, for less than £15.

The former price was £29.90; that’s a saving of £15. However, you’ll have to throw in an extra tenner for some mandatory T-Mobile credit. Spec-wise, the Nokia 2720 Fold is definitely perched at the lower end of the spectrum. The camera, for example, is just 1.3MP. Having said that, it does have an FM radio and mp3 player. There are a handful of reviews on e2save, all positive.

As a secondary phone, you could definitely do a lot worse than the Nokia 2720 Fold.

(Thanks to kungpo on HUKD)

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