Nokia 5230 on Virgin Mobile PAYG, £50 @ dialaphone

Nokia 5230 on Virgin Mobile PAYG, £50 @ dialaphone[Nokia 5230, suitable for mobile virgins and experts alike @ dialaphone]

Can you guess which one of these is true? 1. The Nokia 5230 is so-called as it's the 5,230th  Nokia handset released this century. 2. Richard Branson has never made love, hence Virgin. 3. Dialaphone has knocked a generous £29 off the price of the Nokia 5230, bringing it down to an attractive £49.95. I'm not sure about Branson, but my money's on 3.

Purchase of £10 Virgin Mobile airtime is required. On Virgin Mobile, calls to mobiles and landlines are 20p (on and off-peak), texts are 10p, and MMS messages 30p.

The Nokia 5230 has a 3.2in touchscreen, capable of displaying 16 million colours. Impressive. However, to keep the cost down, the camera is a basic 2MP, and there’s no Wi-Fi. Still, the Nokia 5230 is an ideal phone for novices, or as a back-up for mobile connoisseurs. Check out the full specs here, on Mobot.

Amazon has the Nokia 5230, on Vodafone, for the higher price of £80 (supposedly down from £130).

(Thanks to radiakashyap on HUKD)

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