The Nokia 600: the incredible vanishing smartphone

The Nokia 600: the incredible vanishing smartphoneNokia's decision in February to switch to Windows Phone may prove to be a stroke of genius in time, but it's made for a tough year trying to keep Symbian sales up while the first WinPho handsets were being developed.

And it's done a reasonable job too under the circumstances, launching new handsets and OS updates in quick-fire succession. But now that the Lumia 800 and 710 have finally been announced it looks like Nokia can stop pretending it cares about Symbian.

Harsh? Perhaps, but we're only saying it because it seems the Symbian Belle-powered Nokia 600 has been scrapped altogether without a single unit sold.

The 600 was one of the trio of new faces announced alongside Symbian Belle itself, and was proudly hailed as Nokia's loudest handset ever with its beefy speaker round the back. But check for the 600 on any of Nokia's sites today and you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd imagined the whole thing, as it seems to have vanished without a trace.

No explanation has been forthcoming from Nokia as to exactly why, but to be honest its absence isn't likely to make much of a difference so similar was its spec to the likes of the 500 and 700.

And besides, Nokia isn't promoting any of the Symbian Belle phones at all now that the big Windows Phone marketing push has kicked off, so the vast majority of the public never even knew the 600 was supposed to be incoming anyway.

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