Nokia 801 pops up on Nokia 700

Nokia 801 pops up on Nokia 700While conducting a hands-on review of the Nokia 700, the guys at (perhaps unwittingly) stumbled across a video for a spanking new Nokia smartphone.

The phone is believed to be the Nokia 801, which, er, may or may not be the same as the previously leaked N8-01.

Going by Nokia’s new numbering system, that’d make the Nokia 801 a fair bit better than the Nokia 700. Essentially the higher the number, the better the phone. That's the theory, anyway.

The video shows the Nokia 801 with an edge-to-edge display, running Symbian Belle. It also appears to be NFC enabled, and compatible with a wireless speaker system via Nokia Air Cloud.

Otherwise there’s not a great deal to go on at the moment, but with Nokia continuing to announce new Symbian smartphones on a fairly regular basis, hopefully it won’t be too long till we learn more.

via: GSMArena

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blizzard7  Sep. 7, 2011 at 21:49

Nearing my upgrade period now, so I am opening up to all options. Exciting times ahead!


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