Nokia and Accenture seal the Symbian deal

Nokia and Accenture seal the Symbian dealA stock exchange release from Nokia has confirmed that the outsourcing agreement for Symbian's move to Accenture has been finalised.

Accenture will support Symbian through to 2016, freeing up Nokia to focus on its Windows Phone 7 plans. Around 2,800 Nokia employees from Finland, China, India, the UK and the US will make the move to Accenture.

Here comes Marty Cole, chief executive of Accenture Communications and High Tech group, with some suitably slick talk: “We look forward to partnering with Nokia as they continue to support Symbian and transition to the Windows Phone ecosystem.” Bonus points for using ‘ecosystem’ there, Marty.

"The highly skilled group of technologists and engineers transferring to Accenture will complement our current mobility skills and enhance the breadth, depth and scale of our capabilities, allowing us to meet the growing global demand for mobility services across many industries." Zzz…

Jo Harlow, executive VP for Nokia Smart Devices, adds: “Our collaboration with Accenture allows us to meet our ongoing commitment to support our Symbian smartphone customers and continue to leverage the talent that has the deepest experience on the platform.”

Indeed, there are new Symbian devices in the proverbial pipeline. Nokia’s Purnima Kochikar recently said: “We have been evaluating our Symbian roadmap and now feel confident we will have a strong portfolio of new products during our transition period – i.e. 2011 and 2012.”

Writing about Nokia always makes me feel depressed. Sigh.

via: Nokia Press

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