Nokia Arrow stars in double image leak

Nokia Arrow stars in double image leakWe're less than a week away now from Nokia World, where Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 Apollo handsets are expected to be revealed for the first time.

If the rumours are correct, a mid-ranger going by the codename of the Nokia Arrow is set to be in the mix somewhere, and has just upped its profile significantly by appearing in two separate leaked image.

The first, which surfaced yesterday, as a good old fashioned Blurrycam special, and shows the rumoured handset's battery cover in a shade of yellow only Nokia seems brave enough to embrace.

The pic is so blurred it's hard to see even basic elements like the Nokia badge clearly, so it's all but impossible to say anything about the camera module or any other details, but the chassis has a distinctly curved back and looks at a guess to be around the 3.5in mark, making it a likely mid-range contender.

Now comes a far higher-quality image courtesy of MyNokiaBlog, allegedly a marketing render, which features the handset in five different colour options.

The camera assembly has shifted from vertical to horizontal orientation, but otherwise it looks to be the exact same phone. Again, details are in short supply, but you can just make out the Carl Zeiss badge on the camera, which tells us at least the camera will be of decent quality. That said, there's no PureView-esque bulge, so we're not talking anything out of this world here.

It's purely a guessing game until we have more to go on than the battery cover, but everything about the two images suggests a mass-market effort of the cheap-and-cheerful variety. We'll find out next week.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 31, 2012 at 10:35

Unibody? Non-changeable battery again? Looks like it...

Pondlife  Aug. 31, 2012 at 12:10

Why change a winning formu..... oh


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