Nokia goes Batman crazy

Nokia goes Batman crazyNokia loves itself a spot of Batman action, or is it the other way around? Last December, Batman grabbed a special edition Nokia Lumia 800, and more recently he upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 900.

Now we’re hearing that, thanks to Nokia, you’ll soon be able to explore Gotham City in full 3D. Glorious.

The 3D Gotham City maps were initially thought to be part of the exclusive Lumia Batman content. See, Lumia owners get an exclusive The Dark Knight Rises app, bursting with cast info, showtimes, trailers, wallpapers, ringtones… that kinda junk.

Another feature is a Foursquare-powered location-based game, in which you battle as Batman or Bane using check-ins. Weird.

However, it looks like these 3D Gotham City maps from Nokia will actually be of the desktop variety.

In other The Dark Knight Rises news, we recently heard that Gameloft will develop the official The Dark Knight Rises game. Let’s hope it’s better than The Amazing Spider-Man.

via: SlashGear

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