Nokia Big Screen hits the big time

Nokia Big Screen hits the big timeSay what you like about Symbian, but the Nokia N8 certainly has other strengths – among them its handling of multimedia like photos, music and movies.

So N8 owners will no doubt be pleased to hear that the Nokia Big Screen app has now graduated from the Finns' Beta Labs into the full Ovi Store, effectively turning your phone into a mobile media centre when you hook up to an HDTV.

The app isn't dedicated specifically to the N8, it's just that at present the N8 is the only Nokia around with the HDMI-out connection the app needs to work its magic.

It provides a seamless interface for enjoying HD video clips, checking out photo slideshows taken on the N8's high-performance 12MP camera or listening to tunes on your home cinema system, all controlled directly from the handset.

It can be used either directly on the phone's touchscreen or via a Bluetooth keyboard or even a Wii remote.

To find out more info or to download this free app, head over to the Ovi Store.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 14, 2011 at 17:24

This was excellent as a beta product. Almost want my N8 back just for this app :(


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