Nokia and BlackBerry phablets possibly only coming in 2014?

Nokia and BlackBerry phablets possibly only coming in 2014?There's been a lot of talk lately of both Nokia and BlackBerry breaking the 5in screen size barrier with some of the smartphones they're lining up over the next few months.

But Taiwanese supply chain watcher DigiTimes is warning that it might be 2014 before either firm gets its debut “phablet” on the shelves.

BlackBerry's A10, or Aristo, is said to be the next BB10 flagship device, superseding the current Z10 range-topper, and significantly upping its screen size too from 4.3in to 5in.

Nokia, meanwhile, has been linked with a number of phablet-sized devices, though its hands are largely tied until Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 emerges, most likely in Q4. Despite that, some rumours have suggested Nokia's phablet could already be in production, though clearly that's from a different source to where DigiTimes' info is coming from.

For both companies, the appeal of getting a 5in-plus handset on the streets ahead of the holiday season is obvious, but DigiTimes doesn't seem too confident it'll happen.

Its “industry sources” say an end-2013 rollout is possible, but reckon its equally likely we might be into the New Year before either device emerges.

This is just ourselves saying this, but there could be an issue with sourcing enough display panels given how suddenly the large-screened smartphone market has exploded.

Apple is the only major player apart from Nokia and BlackBerry yet to “go large” on the display front, but with everyone from Samsung to HTC and Sony to Motorola having jumped on board the phablet bandwagon, we suspect display panel makers aren't short of orders at the minute.

And of course if Apple is looking at getting into the big-screen game itself at some point, it'll only make the component squeeze worse.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 30, 2013 at 22:29

Yes, yes... but most reviews or comments are something like this: May as well buy a Note 2... Better wait for the Note 3... Large screen and underspecced - buy a used Note instead etc etc...

The Note is for Phablets what the iPad was for tablets 12 months ago...

There's no need for more :p Stop it!
The Z10 was a flop. I think there's little argument. Making a bigger one before BB10 is a tad closer to mature is ludicrous.
And Nokia only barely released the 1020. And if I were involved, I'd push for midrange and budget Lumias. Get the 'brand' out there - in as many hands as possible. You don't do that with £600 niche products.
That is how Blackberry had that microboom in 2011 - cheap BBs for teens and vandals ;)

Glowormlh4  Jul. 31, 2013 at 13:06

The biggest drawback with windows phone is the lack of apps, until they can get the developers to make the same apps as iphone or android they will always struggle unfortunatley


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