Nokia tries to make Bluetooth headsets fun... and may have succeeded

Nokia tries to make Bluetooth headsets fun... and may have succeededLet's face it – who doesn't love Bluetooth? In all seriousness, the short-range wireless tech has proved a lot more resilient than most of us probably expected, and is still trucking away merrily today.

So we simply had to share the underdog tech lover's dream news that Nokia has just released a new Bluetooth headset in a choice of six colours. Best part of all: it actually looks rather good.

No prizes for the name, though, “Nokia BH-111” manages to be marginally less exciting than the phrase “Bluetooth headset” itself. But never mind that – take a look at the product in question and you'll be pleasantly surprised. It actually looks mildly exciting – even if it is a little iPod shuffle-esque.

For the record, your colour choices are black, white, green, cyan and magenta, matching the slightly odd colour tendencies Nokia goes for on its handsets.

As for its more technical attributes, it's a Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR device with a range of 10m, and while being a mobile accessory it's obviously able to take calls, it'll happily work with other Bluetooth kit too – in fact, it can even pair with two gadgets at a time.

You get built-in digital sound processing, Nokia tells us, and the battery is good for six hours of music and seven hours of talktime. The whole lot weighs just 9.5g and comes with a conventional 3.5mm connector so you can use it as an everyday pair of headphones if you so choose.

The funky (there, we said it) Nokia BH-111 isn't out yet, but should land in the next couple of months, and has been priced at €39 (about £35).

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TypicalAsianFindingDeals  Jun. 22, 2011 at 14:27

This should come standard with N9.

Infinite Element  Jun. 22, 2011 at 14:56

Bluetooth headsets will be even more fun with NFC. "Bump" your headset to the phone you want it to connect to and it'll auto-connect. No need for Bluetooth to always be on. No need for boring password and pairing procedures.


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