Nokia builds robot from old mobiles

Nokia builds robot from old mobilesNokia might be a little worse for wear at the moment, but one thing it continues to get right is its eco-friendly message. Its handsets frequently top polls of the industry’s greenest phones.

I’m a big fan of all things robot (yes, even I, Robot) so I’m tipping my hat to the Finnish manufacturer at the sight of this chap, constructed entirely from old Nokia handsets.

The robot has been assembled to promote a scheme in Beijing, whereby peeps can exchange old phones for cinema tickets. Of course, he’s not a functional robot, but the inanimate fellow appears to be reading a magazine while sitting on a bench. Brilliant.

All phones turned in through the scheme will be recycled, and Nokia promises that direct reuse will not occur.

A quick gander at GoodGuide, which rates phones based on Health, Environmental and Social impact, shows Nokia firmly in the top 22 positions. In pole position is the Nokia C6.

via: China Daily

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